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My name is David Stowe, but everyone calls me Dave.
I love photographing people.

I also love photographing birds or anything in nature, and I’m incredibly passionate about the environment!

Capturing memories for people is something I’ve loved doing for a long time. More than 25 years in fact.

It’s funny; when you tell people you are a wedding photographer, most either ask how many bridezillas you get, or say they couldn’t think of anything more stressful than photographing weddings!
Well the truth is that we really don’t get bridezillas, and whilst there is indeed a lot of pressure,
I actually thrive on the challenge and pressure of weddings.

My journey started with a Canon T70 SLR - my first camera that my always supportive parents bought me in high school. It wasn’t until I started my degree in Visual Arts that I understood how much I loved photography. After I finished uni,  I started assisting a couple of great photographers on weekends and realised how much I enjoyed the whole process of being a part of a wedding.

What really made my understand that I really wanted to be a wedding photographer, was that early on I learnt a really valuable lesson. We were at a wedding and the hair and makeup was running really late - this can make life very challenging for a wedding photographer as it means we run out of time for photos! The bride was already feeling pretty anxious about the situation.
The photographer I was working with actually started tapping his watch and tried to get everyone to hurry up, and in the process made everyone even more flustered.

I learnt that day that we are there to document a couples special day, and our job is to calm a nervous bride or groom and make them comfortable, not add to their stress.

That day realised that I had found my calling.

I love being around people and helping them to navigate what can often be a massive rollercoaster of a day. I stay calm no matter what may happen on the day.

I love being entrusted with a task that is so important, on a day when you only get one shot at it.

I have not just the technical skills, but also that actual joy of being at a wedding - the people skills to make people comfortable and the ability to cope with the pressure that only a wedding can produce.

After 25 years that love is still there. The drive to keep challenging myself to find new angles, climb new trees, create better memories, never stops.

I still smile at the thought that I am still living that dream.

Even after 25 years, I still challenge myself creatively and technically with my photography, and enjoy being a part of the wonderful community that is the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography), which helps to push me.

I’ve been awarded in a number of competitions and genres including becoming an AIPP Master of Photography, AIPP NSW Nature Photographer of the Year 3 times, and winning the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year.

I was the runner up 2019 Epson AIPP NSW Wedding Photographer of the Year, being beaten by our amazing principal photographer Lara!

I am so lucky to have an amazing team working with me who all love capturing stunning images of couples, families and weddings, and having the ability to share all those years of experience with them, helping them to be the best they can be.

I love that I can also share my passion for wildlife and education through Flock Wildlife - my bird and wildlife photography workshops

we love what we do

If you’ve made it this far then thanks so much for reading!
The point is that we simply love what we do.
We love making people, just like you, happy; capturing your memories so that you can relive them forever.

We love being booked by the sister, bridesmaid or best mate of a couple we’ve already photographed, or when the couple we photographed a decade ago come back for their next family portrait session to welcome their fourth child.
That joy is the knowledge that we’ve made someone happy and that they value what we do.
That’s what being a part of a community; a part of society, is all about.

I can’t think of a better job..


If I could give Dave and Lara 6 stars I would!
They are extremely talented and made the process fun.
We couldn’t have asked for better photos.
— Nikki & Simon


Lara loves dinosaurs, nature and dogs, and calls the Blue Mountains home.

As well as making the day to day happen at Society headquarters as studio manager, Lara is also invaluable as a principal photographer, with a genuine caring and natural way with people. She is super reliable and conscientious and an integral part of the Society team.

She’s got some serious creative skills with a camera that’s for sure. 2019 AIPP NSW Wedding Photographer of the Year isn’t a bad accolade! (Dave only came runner up!)


No-one rocks the dance floor better than Carla!

Always up for a lot of fun, this bubbly woman has also been a long time member of Society.

Never afraid of new challenges or getting her hands dirty or feet wet, all in the name of getting great images.


A Champagne connoisseur and mother of two gorgeous boys.
Sarah started working with Society back in the early 2000s both in the day to day running of the studio as well as a principal photographer.

After a hiatus during early motherhood, it’s wonderful having having her back.

She is a calm and natural photographer, and much loved part of the team.


A proud new mother of twin girls, we may not see Caitlin for a while sadly!

A proud Canadian and animal advocate who moved to Australia for love. We certainly welcomed the move and many will remember Caitlins day to day awesomeness in the studio as well as photographing many a reception and event.

Society in action